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Use quotation marks to find a phrase, i.e., words which must appear adjacent to each other, for example, "fall protection." Otherwise, the search results will include the word "fall" and the word "protection", but not necessarily in that order or together. The words may appear anywhere, and in any order, within the page or document.

Use lowercase for search word(s) unless you are searching for a proper noun that you know will be capitalized. Lowercase words will match any case.  For example, typing  fall will return all pages containing the words fall, Fall, and FALL. However, typing  Fall (capitalized) will only search for occurrences of the capitalized  Fall.
Search for a number of similar words (separated by spaces) to increase your chances of finding related topics. For example, typing:    fall guardrails rails   will return pages that contain ANY (but not necessarily all) of the specified words. 
Use a plus sign when your search word or phrase MUST appear in the search results. Use a minus sign to indicate  word(s) that MUST NOT appear in the document. The plus sign tells the search engine that a certain word or phrase is required in the search results, and a minus sign indicates that a word or phrase must be absent in the search results. For example, typing +lift -scissors will return documents that contain the word "lift" but NOT the word "scissors."  NOTE:  A phrase must be contained within quotation marks. Leave no spaces between the plus or minus sign and the word or phrase.

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